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Our Process

EverGreen Contracting & Irrigation offers full design and installation of underground lawn sprinkler systems, pondless waterfalls, and rainwater harvesting systems for both new and existing construction.

We will visit you at your location, listen to your ideas and needs, and establish an installation package for your specific property. Our highly qualified installation crew will be sent to your home to install your new system with as little disruption to your yard as possible.

Our trenchless installation process minimizes damage to existing lawns, reduces settling of dirt, and drastically reduces seeding and clean up.


Underground Lawn Sprinkler System

Lawn irrigation systems are an efficient and time-saving improvement to your home or business. Automatically controlled with a state of the art controller, a professionally designed lawn sprinkler system will provide your lawn with just the correct amount of water, keeping the lawn plush and green through the hot dry months of summer.


An irrigation system will also keep that elegantly designed flower bed around your home, deck, pool and patio looking colorful and vibrant all season long.

Pondless Waterfall.jpg

Pondless Waterfalls and Water Features

Everyone enjoys the sound of a babbling brook, a running stream, the awe of a waterfall. Conventional ponds usually require high maintenance, a balanced eco-system, a standing pool of water, fish, and chemical treatment.

A pondless waterfall offers all the soothing sights and sounds of a natural stream without the hassle. Close your eyes and start imagining a small decent of water falling over natural stone. The water cascades and flows through a maze of gravel bed as it gently twists and turns. Another decent, and the water lightly splashes up on larger boulders until finally the water disappears into a dry creek bed where the self contained . . . repeats the process.


Rain Harvesting System

Here at EverGreen, we are always trying to find means to help in the efforts of environmental conservation. We know how important water can be.


Imagine capturing thousands of gallons of rainwater to store and reuse to irrigate your lawn and shrub beds, rinsing outdoor patios and decks, or filling hot tubs and spas while potentially saving money on your home water and sewer bills.


Rainwater harvesting systems are smart and an environmentally conservative method of capturing one of the worlds’ most precious resources, water.

It also adds beauty and elegance to your outdoor living areas. Call us and let us design a package that creates a beautiful outdoor setting which gives back to the environment.

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